Paiho produced high quality webbing with various yarn types and diversified multi-colors, textures and unique effects.

  • Paiho webbing is made with high quality color yarn, which can be with various yarn types such as woolly yarn, bright yarn, or reflective yarn to present diversified multi-color, surface textures, and unique effects.
  • Webbings with different softness and suitable for footwear, apparel, underwear, accessories and bag.
  • Paiho can provide different types of textures and patterns.

Jacquard Webbing

Paiho uses jacquard webbing machines and customizes pattern/logo based on the design provided by customers. Create unique effects including 3D embossed or debossed effect. 

  • PAIHO introduces multi-color jacquard webbing which creates unique patterns with delicate textures.
  • We use up to 12 colors for jacquard webbing