As a retailer of SYM (Sanyang Motors, a Honda Motors partner in Taiwan) motorcycles, Vergil Cheng was invited to the headquarter of Honda in Japan due to the SYM top sales in Taiwan for many years. 

Vergil Cheng saw universalized applications and found the potentiality of hook and loop in Japan, he made his mind to introduce the material to Taiwan and closed the retail store of motors, also focused on the development, manufacturing, and sale. Step by step, the hook and loop business grown with the rise of Taiwan footwear manufacturing industry. 



Founded by President Vergil Cheng and his two brothers, Taiwan Paiho Limited was initially named San Ho Hsin Limited
Muller looms were imported from Switzerland to produce touch fasteners which were sold to the whole world under the brand name "Trihook."

San Ho Hsin entered a joint venture with Velcro USA and was renamed Taiwan Paiho Limited.

The Company imported Muller looms from Switzerland and Jacquard looms from Japan for variable width webbings and acquired patents in many countries.

A professional webbing factory was established. The design and development of webbings specifically for shoes were initiated by Taiwan Paiho.

A shoelace factory was established. The quality shoelaces of several patented functions and designs are deeply appreciated by customers.

Paiho International Limited was established, investing in Dong Guan Paiho Textile Limited.

Spring Rich Limited was established to manufacture Easy Tape.
3D braided fabric was developed and adopted by famous brands.

Vietnam Paiho Limited was established to serve customers in Southeast Asia; it obtained ISO 9002 accreditation in the same year.
Easy Tape acquired patents in England, France, Germany, and Japan

Taiwan Paiho was approved by TWSE (Taiwan Stock Exchange) to go public in January 2001. 2001 
Wuxi Paiho Textile Limited was established to serve customers in central China.

Taiwan Paiho invested in Shanghai CSC Powder Limited.
Taiwan Paiho worked with the Council of Agriculture and Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan to develop bamboo charcoal materials. 3H reflective materials were launched and patented in Taiwan and other countries. 

Europe Paiho and North America Paiho were established to expand the Western market. Taiwan Paiho invested in Dongguan CSC Powder Limited.

The brand name Lacoya was established to launch bamboo charcoal textiles. Taiwan Paiho was invited to participate in Japan's Aichi Expo. 

For the purpose of sustainable development, the outlets for Lacoya's bamboo charcoal line were established island-wide and China.
Taiwan Paiho was selected by Forbes as one of the best 200 small and medium public companies of the year, which had revenue less than US$1 billion and the greatest drive and development potential.

Taiwan Paiho was awarded the 4th "Taiwan Superior Brand" by Taiwan External Trade Development Council. 

Taiwan Paiho was awarded "The First Brand Certificate" by the Consumer Association of Taiwan; the Company worked with Shin Kong to develop Eco polyester yarn, which has obtained the Green Mark. 

TigerShark changeable cushion and ventilation saddle with hook and loop won third place at the "2009 Innovative Bicycle, Component and Accessory Competition."  

Subsidery-Paiho Shin Holdings (F Paiho 8404) become a first oversea company listing on Taiwan stock market.

Certified with IS0/TS 16949 quality management systems. Awarded with " BEST SUPPLIER( Speed/Agility)" by Adidas.

Awarded with "Best Small and Medium Enterprise" by the Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C. Awarded with " FACT Division 1 Supplier" by Adidas. New developed products, two ways stretch upper and digital woven upper, business crosses sub material and main material.

Paiho has invited by Adidas become part of the member in A-Team, is one of the 11 members in the world to be the most prospective development supplier, and Paiho is the only one vice material supplier.Paiho is elected by Nike as the "pioneer supplier" in garment - as the strategic partner.

Winner of Adidas Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Award. Awarded the TITAS Contribution Award by Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF).

Taiwan Paiho was awarded the "4th Taiwan Mittelstand Award" by Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA.

Certified with AS9100 QMS (Quality Management Systems) standard.

Subsidery-Paiho Shin Holding Corporation was approved by TWSE (Taiwan Stock Exchange) to go public in December. PT. Paiho Indonesia was established.
New Paiho group headquarter building is estimated to launch at A/W 2022.