PAIHO has developed a brand new molded hook product series, Easy Tape. Easy tape can be applied in numerous types of field.

Footwear / Apparel / Sports Equipment / Eletronic Products / Toy / Health Care / Automotive space industry / baby diaper etc.


  • Ultra-light, ultra-thin, and strong shear strength
  • Molded hook tape has stable quality with 900 hooks per square inch, with dense hook and loop closure of merely 1mm gap
  • Creative printing customization on easy tape: designer can enhance the concept of product by printing picture on the reverse side of easy tape

Comparison between 

Easy Tape and Touch Fastener

  • Easy tape has lighter weight / thinner thickness / stronger shear strength than Touch Fastener
  • The gap between the hook and loop of Easy tape is 1mm, while the hook and loop gap of Touch Fastener is 2 - 3 mm
  • The reverse side of Easy tape is able to be printed while the surface of Touch Fastener cannot be printed
  • Easy Tape not only can be stitched, but also able to be pressed by high frequency

Touch Fastener

Easy Tape

  • Nylon filament material
  • Gap between hook and loop is 2 - 3 mm
  • Continuously molded 900 hooks per square inch
  • Hook and loop aligned tightly in high density
  • Delicate shape of hook and loop