Paiho introduces precise weaving machine and various yarn types such as reflective yarn, radiant film, mono, Lurex, and spun polyester to present diversified textile structures and texture like suedette, jacquard woven patterns, narrow-wide, and reflective drawcord and shoelace. 


  • Diversified textile structures and textures with softness.
  • PET recycled yarn is available for all shoelace and drawcord materials.
  • Post-processes available such as sublimation print, reflective film lamination, or screen printing...etc. are available as well.

Shoe Lace/ Drawcord Main categories

-IK Series 

IK flat shoelace is usually piece-dyed, soft, and with excellent loose-resistance.

-Oval Series

The classic oval Lace has good tensile strength and excellent abrasion resistance.

-Braiding Series

Patterns and textures, tactility, round or flat shape of braided drawcords can be customized.

-Rubber String Series

High-quality rubber as the core for outstanding stretch ability

-Jacquard Series  

Flat or round shoelace with delicate jacquard patterns. 

-Screen︱Sublimation Print Series

Delicate screen printed logos or sublimation printed pattern deliver the diversity of cord.