Combine printing application with Paiho's main products, to provide one- stop shop service

When factory received the material from us, it can be produce directly

It's not only can save second out searching supplier delivery time but also can save comminate cost  

Ink Printing         

2D/3D effect Printing  

Matte/Shine Printing   

Elastic with High-Strength Ink printing ,material will not easy to be broken after pulling

Silicon Printing


Matte/Shine Printing

Geometry Pattern/ Brand Logos

Reflective Printing 

Increase the safety of consumer while using reflective product in the evening

Customized reflective colors available 


Customized Pattern And Design with customer provide AI file 

Fading Effect

Glow in the dark 

eyes catching in the evening

White with glow green color , this color combination effect is the best